Money is like make-up
because when you are in front of other people
it will never tell anyone who you really are
and where you come from
even if you experienced poverty back at home
it will never expose your home.

Money is not easily made
but you just have to work hard for it
whether you make it with your hands
you can’t easily get it even from your friends.

Money is a game starter;
money is a game changer
even without asking for permission from you
but it is just waiting there to be made by you
and that simply means it is selfish
because it doesn’t even care about you.

you never get enough of it
because you can’t easily get it
even from the rich man
but you just have to be there to work hard for it
and if you work hard enough for it
you can get much more interest from it.

Money is a friendship starter;
money is a relationship stabiliser
and if you don’t have it as a man
your relationship with your partner will never be stronger.

With money
whether we admit it or not
money makes everything smoother
and money more richer than you
for instance
just ask yourself these simple few questions
who has more value between you and money?
Who has more friends between you and money?
Who is much respected between you and money?
And lastly ask yourself
who lives longer between you and money?
Is it you or is it money?