When a glass is broken
It makes a sound
Those who are near
Hear it
Smashed! It goes
This glass is easily replaced by another glass
That’s so similar to the broken one
Broom is taken
Sweep! Sweep! Sweep! Boom it’s gone
There’s a glass
Smashed! It goes
We are there but don’t hear it
There’s no broom to sweep away the broken pieces
It takes time to pick up those pieces
Words are shared
Tears are shed
But still it’s broken
How long does it take to pick up the pieces
Of a broken glass?
Of a broken heart?
Everything is broken
Each piece represents something
Love, smashed!
Trust, smashed!
Self-esteem, smashed!
Confidence, smashed!
It takes time to mould that broken glass
Because it’s invisible
No one knows the value of the matters of the heart
Only the one whose heart is broken can have the
To pick up the pieces
And keep moving