I sat quietly
Dip yourself into literature
My brain commanded me
As I opened the copy
My eyes waved Shakespeare quote in the book
“If chance will have me king, why
chance may crown me
Without my stir.”

I knew too like Shakespeare
If she would be mine
I must mine her
Then riotous noise came into existence
It permitted fog – thick solemness of campus
I noticed it was her
Cheering my prophecy was true
She sat close to me on the desk
As if she wanted to gossip something into my ear

Promise is a credit
Her mouth sent the longitudinal wave into mine ear
What should I lay in your hand
A calculator, pens or notebooks
I looked straight into her eyes
And I found myself well shaped into her eyeball

“Why should I speak of love when the options are written
Why should the society undress my name, pastor?”
My brain thought!
“Would you mind giving me an abstract thing
Instead of the offer
I want something you can never see
But to both you and me
It can be felt like perfect winds”
Thereafter I looked straight like light into her eye
Fearing to hear her words saying, “Maths error”

Time sounded lunch as the siren sent its waves
Neither her nor I made movement
Even our eyes were stationary
Our mouths were locked too

Thereafter I thought too of leaving the room
Reaching the door, the steps became heavy
As if elephant legs were mine
She looked at me again
Her look reversed my steps to her

She grasped my hands
Then I knew that I’d ignited her feelings too
She hugged me
I held her hand and kissed her
Like the clouds that are heavy in the atmosphere
We fell in love.