You will not see me fall apart?
I have an insomniac heart.
I can stay up through the darkness.
I am like a rubber band if you pull too hard.
Why is it that I cannot conquer your heart?

You’re the fear that I want to touch?
You can imagine the words you brought to life?
Touch me the way you want.
Only one that can set my heart in a blaze.
What’s keeping you from grabbing what’s already yours?
‘Cause my heart is spinning around, I can’t function clearly.
Your face beaming in my thoughts every minute of the night.

Heartbeat fast in colour, how can I be brave to love.
When I am afraid to fall for you.
All my doubts fold away when you are near me.
One step close, I have been resurrected for a millennium.
It feels like I have loved you for centuries to come.
Died every day waiting for you to come.
I have fallen a millennium in advance.
I have loved and fallen for you for a century.

Darling don’t be afraid ‘cause you’re my everyday weakness.
My everyday crush that can’t fade away.
Every time you smile I know
You are the one my heart has chosen.
We are lost in one sweet embrace.
Our love remains the same and we had our share in fighters.
Love can take laughter with tears at the same time.
I feel brand new as if we never lost our faith.
As precious moments that time can’t erase.
In my heart I keep you near.
You sacrificed and believed in me with our life and love.
You are my morning sunshine.
That keeps getting brighter.
You are my insomniac heart that keeps beating at the right time.
Even after the years have gone by.
You are the woman I want to bear children with.