I couldn’t cry,
I couldn’t bear the pain.
I knelt down in the street,
praying for my womb to conceive.
To conceive the blood that I could be proud off;
to be more important to world.
I wished the world could see my vision
of how my earth would look like.
But being abandoned, being chased away changed me.
Changed who I am,
changed my vision.
I felt lost,
I felt I was drowning in the darkness.
I heard voices screaming around my valley,
I couldn’t scream because I was voiceless.
The world was laughing at me,
staring at me in a shameless way.
I couldn’t bear the pain,
I stood by the light, face down.
I felt my knees shaking.
It was hard for me to look after myself.
I lost my sight,
I never felt love.
I hate being alive.
Yes, I couldn’t conceive.