I know not about your pain.
But believe me, I too at times feel like
I’m flying paper planes in the pouring rain.
Life too many times is quite mundane and unpleasant,
So I too at times I feel like I am drenched
In the dunes for the present.

The kamikaze current carrying…rocking!
Crushing my soul to a wreck and
I too at times feel like my heart is drowning.
In an immense raving ravenous emptiness I feel it drowning.
A heavy heart suspended anchor to a wrecked sinking soul,
I too at times feel like I am not coping.

Like! Like ripping the air open,
Jumping! Jumping into it in hoping
To be re-birthed amongst the stars.

In a distant space of milk and Mars,
Where are just simple planets,
The heaviest baggage best known
Weight and life can be written on a slate.

There are stars beneath my feet;
There are stars within my reach perhaps,
If this far-fetched fantasy I fail to reach.
I could be re-birthed as a figure of speech like…
Like a simile

Yeah! I too at times feel like screaming.
Shout shattering the silence and with its broken pieces,
Ceremoniously slit the wrist of time
Just wallow in the sublime
Not having a care about what’s shallow,

Of what’s divine; of what is yours, of what is mine!
In truth the pain I know is my own,
So I have learnt to count past lessons learned,
As one counts sheep to put my pain to sleep.
Do believe me; I too at times weep,
Be not ashamed to weep.

Excrete what is not for what is not is simply not, it is nothing.
Nothing ever is until it is.
The most sacred slippery floor is uploading
What is not as though it’s with hope of it becoming.

So in the process of your becoming understand that,
Even water can kill a plant.
So I should have a measure of what I want.
Understand that memories soon forgotten
Are memories with the least impact.

In fact!
Attempting to forget those with major impact
Only causes a small pain.
In so doing we dwell on the pain of the past
And fail to experience the joys of the present.
Joys that turn into more pain when we realise
That in our melancholic state,
We failed to experience.

Let us not attempt to forget but rather
Learn to understand that,
The essence and purpose of existence is experience.
In truth I do not know your pain but trust me,
I know plenty of my own,
And even in our deepest pain we ought to
Live out happiness, all else is frivolity