There was a time when I would jump to respond
To the first call of help from voices that screamed
I was young and bold
The fear was something I never had

In time, fear grew
It came in a form of maturity
Every word uttered I censored
Some extra miles cancelled

What grows old fighting is a leopard and lion
A human being needs more wisdom than strength
To avoid the death of the living soul
And unnamed walking grave

Fearful men who speak so loudly,
Psychological warfare acts in motion
The meek die in a rotten slumber
Sucked dry by such bullying tactics

In time, we learn to unlearn
Reason being a mortal instinct
I never met a man who does not fear death
Otherwise, some kill to live

In time, we learn to outgrow the past
Life itself is a magical blessing
How did it become a competing platform
And I wrote once, as a boy with a cocky pen

In time, sadness becomes a place of genuine comfort
When it fades, strength is a gift of precious value
For life itself is a quantity gift of beauty