Like songs of the soul they
Sound the inner being
Portrayed perfectly matters
Of the heart brought up to
Physical life pictures painted
Are for a spiritual eye sometimes
Hanging there on walls so
Invisible, to physical eyes
They are stressful puzzles
In these poems our souls we recite

Its wounds in them that we heal
The expression is pierceful and
Impression is blunt blades and
Sometimes it’s friends we loose
In these poems in these poems we
Are free birds within the cages
They connect us with the world
Outside these mental cells
Like the gospel of a kingdom
So powerful in these poems we
Are kings and queens greatness
Declared will tell of the diamonds
We are even within these lakes of
Dirt, they reveal our holiness
In these poems we are legends
they are histories never told
In them we are declared
In these poems we are teachers and learners