I wander so lost in hope, you shall
Make that one call a call, I’ve been
Dreaming about for long.

Embers beneath feet of my heart,
They burn my heart to shame and pain
And it’s you, it seeks as the saviour
In all the years, it’s you it hopes to earn

Endless stories of sorry, I done told
From where I’m standing, to you
I wonder if they are sold
For I’m torn in this valley of the forgotten
And the sorry stories can’t save my ass

Hear me, Oh, lover of mine!
This is a lesson I learnt to never forget
I just hope, new love for me,
Your heart might beget
All that requires that one last chance
To put on a show full of change

In the valley of the forgotten, I burn
It’s your love only to save me the pain
To love you, teach me, I’ll learn
Rescue me from my shame

Like thorns recklessly piercing my soul, it feels
No one but you, will this pain kill
It’s your love that shall revive my thrill
Don’t let me roll, grab me, be my medicating pill

Unlock locked doors of your loving moods
And I swear, to never again drag them to
Sorrows let me in once again for, it’s cold
In the valley of the forgotten