In the end
Medals don’t matter
Asserts a grade niner
Winning a gold medal
And a special award
At an Eskom Expo
For Young Scientists

(Insulation in Informal Housing
was Imaan Amien’s project
she from St George’s Grammar
sparked it was during
a drive past the N2)

Science is her path
Curious as a young girl
Checking out her goldfish

Imagine that
No not that she
Is in fact a she
(boys do blue girls
do the usual pink)

Imagine that
Our service provider
In the mix is seemingly
Doing something
Newsworthy for a change

In the end
Medals don’t matter
No bling-bling here
Grand example this is
A lodestar to those folks
(mainly) up on the hillock

(students increase their awareness
of the wonders of science
add to their knowledge
and broaden their horizons
not their bank balances)

In the end
Medals don’t matter

I shamelessly pilfer from “Get It” magazine’s GET Innovative feature “Young scientist wins gold!” (Volume 9 Issue 1 February 2015).