I live to see myself tomorrow
and not for someone else.
I walk this earth to acquire
true happiness and nothing less.
But is that possible
when you’re amongst people?
I don’t think so,
it’s not that simple.

In the end … we live to learn.

I fully avail myself to humankind
not because I’m stupid.
I believe in true openness
towards one another, I’m that lucid.
So why treat me
as if I treated you bad?
Okay then, what you’re doing hurts me,
are you glad?

In the end … people don’t reciprocate kindness
because you are kind.

I remember being a happy person,
guess I didn’t know much.
Until they did me wrong,
that was foreign, I’m not Dutch.
I just wanted to be
your friend and nothing more.
Did I commit a crime?
Was that against the law?

In the end … expect the unexpected.

We choose the people we
socialize with, not our family.
Funny how family’s
around, but not around.
That’s a tragedy.
Note to self: always do
you for you, you’ll never lose
I guess I’m done with humans.
Hello booze.

Blood is thicker than water, or so they say.
Did you know, blood and water
are both liquids, the biological way?
They all promised me,
I’ll always be there
I’m the epitome of loneliness now,
are you aware?

In the end … promises are just words.

It’s not all bad though,
there’s some good in this world.
Probably would just stay under the covers
if people were that cold.
Appreciate life and be grateful of living
After all, you are also a human being.