Saturday game resumed
I went to the ground to watch the games
But all I could see in my heart was her
So went back as she wasn’t there
As I stepped onto the stair corridor
My eye went to her eyes
She ran to me and hugged me
We both moved into class
My hands felt as if they were nor longer in the words
As I caress-touched her
I adore you
My words sprouted like seeds in the fertile soil
I love you too she said
We moved out of the class chatting love songs

My steps sounded faint
As the Latina turned into angle of elevation
The wall of the campus well written
My eye felt drawn though my heart was still stolid
“If love be fake
Won’t heart of people die?”
I can’t lose her exquisite nature
Words came out of my mouth
As I withdrew my eyes from the wall

Footsteps shook my ossicles
Her best friend appeared saying
“Truth will never lie
Your lover isn’t a lover
She in love with another man
Let her poison be so sweet to trap man”

My tear glands held the tears she pronounced
Why had she vamoosed from the bond with me
Where is the only one, me, she promised to love?
My heart felt the choke of words
As if I was connected to electric engine
Colours of a chameleon, so are some people
I trudged on the way to hostel

She came to me
Her eyes changed in looks
“Why are you putting me on a race?”
She knew I wasn’t
Sorrow face encountered her
As I walked away from her