I got bold
And she was beautiful.

Yes we were young and restless,
That sums up the days of our lives.
Our legacy was supposed to reign through many generations after us,
Because the work of our hands brought rhythm into this city.

It wasn’t easy,
I’ll admit,
Scandal appeared every day
Unexpectedly like the Big Bang,
Theory was: life happens
And we are fighting for the throne
But she never got to reign as a queen.

Events came in series
One plus the other
made the one story stories,
pain, hurt and tears appeared
And lot of sorries.
Rough sketches we both made,
of a relationship we both craved
Until rubber called dishonesty
Our hopes erased and utterly cleared.

Now our fantasy
Has become our horror.
The love destiny
we imagined has tormented us,
our own terror.

But like series,
we hope this night is not our last episode.
So let’s go back to the set
and live what our hearts have once said:
That love fucks time every time it tries to ring time out’s bell.

Baby keep the smile,
And open them wide for my entrance.
Let me go deep in you
As you drown in my sweat.
We still have seasons to record,
Love to report
to the our minds.
Our Father to exalt
through our love.

Winter is darker
But our next and last season is summer,
Look at the camera and just live:
This is a reality show.