In need
Nadine Cloete is
filming a documentary
of the Ché Guevara
of the Cape Flats

In need
recording Ashley Kriel’s role
in the struggle for freedom
for a better life (for all)

(our youth need
future generations need
more than a paragraph
in a history book
in a herstory book)

Bonteheuwel’s Ché
murdered by apartheid
as were many others
of his youthful generation

(how might they reflect
on USA-Cuban rapprochement
the Cuban Five are free
though Big Brother’s subversion
is still very much on)

A comrade Kriel recruited
reckons we need our own
as her province’s contribution
has been swept under
the proverbial carpet

We need
to be wary
of regionalism
of tribalism
of chauvinism
of separatism

Indeed we are
in need

“Call to fund Ashley Kriel documentary” (Argus, February 19 2016).

See “Cubans cautiously optimistic” (Foreign Editor, Cape Times, August 5 2015) and “Cuba deserves Nobel Peace Prize” (Cape Times, September 24 2015).