I’m from a place where children cry
And adults ignore
Where the old people look at the youth
With hearts that are sore
Where drugs clip the wings of many
Where money is tight and people live from penny to penny.

I’m from a place where they brutally hijack your car
But more detrimentally, your soul
I’m from a place where sweet people grow doubtful, bitter and cold
The hearts and minds of many fester with veangeful feelings

I’m from a place where people aren’t cognisant of it
But they really need healing

I’m from a place where I desperately want to escape
If I stay here, I’ll most likely watch my life go up in smoke
Like vape

Until I leave, the angel of peace will continue to fight what the destructive demons say

Until I leave, I have to never falter, but continue to walk upright and earnestly pray.