It’s is the midst of my crustiness I see my beauty
It’s is in the magnitude of my flaws I see perfection.
Striped, uncovered, unfiltered,
In my birthday suit I see perfection,
The love handles, stretchies and saggies.

I see my true self, the girl the world doesn’t know
In my father’s mirror she shines
Her eyes come to life, her smile illuminates.
As soon as she covers up, steps out,
It all disappears, the pressure sets in,
Slowly it fades, the beauty fades away.

She disappears into the crowd,
She doesn’t even make an effort.
She laughs harder to kill the silence,
She cannot bear the silence
It calls out the demons.

She wears a mask, the show must go on
When she’s all alone it all comes back
“Cut!” The mask off and the river flows
The tears run wild, she can’t hold them back.

She seeks her father’s mirror, the
Reflection of the truth.
She seeks freedom, happiness
Happiness and genuine laughter.

Society shuts her down, but I have power over her
I can free her, bring her light to life
Ignite the spark, set her world on fire

Truth is…

My flaws are my beauty
Crusty is my perfection
My father’s mirror is as good as any other mirror,
Selfie and back camera
Why let filters, trends and FOMO define me?

A wonderful creation, special breed
A goddess, an imperfect perfection
Truth is in my father’s mirror.
I see it all, I love it all. It’s perfect.