Self-assurance made of steel
Unbreakable, the same as
The highest component in chemistry
So pretty I wear a potato sack
And transform it into a product
Of diamonds and glitter

Beauty has not been kind to me
I would look in the mirror
And see the face of a goblin
Everyone else was beautiful but me
Perhaps if I had slightly more skin on my calves
I would walk a little taller

Days would pass with a question
tattooed on the side of my brain:
What is it that separates me from them?
How can I, bucktoothed and all, find beauty in myself?
My hips are too wide
My lower legs are far too skinny for my upper legs
My gut should be thinner
A crooked frontline, a round face and a forehead
That is so high up it kisses my scalp…I was a monster

I breathe through the mouth
I’m unable to look at the camera and pout
I have imperfections and anxiety hidden in my mouth
It drains my energy so much I can’t begin to shout
Loud enough for me to summon greatness
From the only element of me
That I always thought was flawless
Eyes that pierce through a soul, they swim in it
Curves that power through garments
Skin made of glass it blossoms with a drop of water
I serenade with my voice
I paint pictures of the mind
I have a conscience that never leads me astray
I have a life companion who views me
As the best thing since sliced bread
I have kith and kin for whom I would sell limbs
I have a new breed of thinkers I need to birth

Translation: I have an entire life to live
One where unproductivity is a sin
Don’t talk to me if not to exchange words of wisdom
Pensiveness is a gift
Don’t tell me to not think too much
When I bear the solar system in my mind
Incense and sage are holy herbs
Do not convince me that plants
Grown from the ground aren’t good for me
Don’t tell me things made by hand
Are more beneficial than what grows from the Earth

Forefathers are gods
Do not shun power you cannot comprehend
The fallen are the risen
The one who birthed us will always know more
But not necessarily best
Grass and trees are work stations
A breath of air surrounded by mother nature
Is meditation on its own
And I am the queen of my reality
I will now assume my throne
And work it till it wedges onto my head