Oof I’ve done it again.
I’ve hurt myself again today
And the worst part is
That there’s no one else to blame.
Ouch I have lost myself again.
Never felt so low.
Thinking of leaving myself behind.
My pain shall perish like burning debris.

Frozen like an image inside
You hide your pain underneath that smile
Even though you’ve been hurting for a long while
I see the trembling of your fragile wings
I can tell you’re suffering
I’m telling you: you can stay here right by my side
I’ll keep you safe with me, you’ll be fine

I don’t wanna be another star lost in the dark.
I don’t wanna be a lonely hunter of my own heart.
Love me a little more.
I don’t wanna be another voice lost in the crowd (thoughts)
I don’t wanna be a memory of someone
You never think about, cherish me whilst you still breathe.
Love me a little, ‘cause I’m your half after all. Be my friend

I’m trying but I keep on falling down
I cry out but nothing comes out
I’m a mess
I’m a loser
I’m a hater
All I wanted was love, but I never felt good enough

Your wounds show
You have never found some love
Hold on angel
It’s time to tell you everything:

I am searching for the one I can’t hear any more
I am listening for the one I can’t hear any more

“My love, look what you can do”
You can do anything
I am one of a kind huh?
Unique, peculiar, creative, dynamic,
Modest, charismatic, eloquent,
Loyal, ambitious, bubbly, affectionate,
Generous, trustworthy, observant,
Suave, understanding, funny,
A daydreamer, loved, beautiful
Magnanimous, charming, wild,
Authoritative, confident, artistic,
Enthusiastic, precious, weird, complicated,
No wait!

I’ll hold you till dawn, following the moon
You can always try to explain what is
Going on inside of you, but not all exactly.
You can try to put out emotions
In the best form they could be, but they
Can never be understood wholly

I thought love was not necessary,
Power being the only true necessity
But how would you gain power without love?
What power do you seek?

Love is an essential element
It’s okay not to have love,
But to survive in this world,
You need to make yourself capable
That’s where you actually stand

For I was selfish and I didn’t care about you, Self
I didn’t understand your heart, I was a fool
Now I’m trying to change who I am
It’s like the rain from the sky
It’s a teardrop that came from you
I wish that you were here with me
I wish that you were here by my side
I want you back with me, Self!

I’ll go back to you, to open your heart,
See pictures of us two
And the memories
My love will go on

You’re not like most girls
Some days you feel so good in your own skin
But it’s okay if you want to change the body
That you came in
You look greatest when you feel like a queen

But Self, I never said that I had it all figured out
I never said that I was done with my growth
You’re just adding legs to a snake!
Improving what doesn’t need any improvement

“Those who cannot acknowledge themselves,
Will eventually fail”
It’s dangerous to hate yourself, ain’t it?
When you fall in love (with yourself),
You love with all that you’ve got.

It’s said that we are to learn to bear
Anger, hatred, and keep our
Ego and attitude aside and
Handle things with care, calmness and love.
I wanna burn with you, Self, burn me
Be the gasoline and I’ll be the fire,
Let’s burn alive

Self, stay with me, don’t leave yourself behind!
You are strong, smart and beautiful
Break down – only alone you will cry out loud

Those stretch marks on your body show that
You can be cracked and never broken
That’s how a hot girl do it
Keeps her head up even though she’s going through it
My crown might slip but it might not ever fall.