Together we were a great pair
That no one could tear us apart.
You were my best friend; a
Friend that was so close to my heart.
You were my everything but I
Didn’t you wrong by breaking your heart.

I did anything I could to see you happy
But you focused on the mistakes
I did to you in the past so I just left
Without thinking that by doing that
I would be breaking your heart.

I just left because I couldn’t handle
Seeing someone else in front of me
Kissing you because I used to love you.
I’ve apologised for everything wrong
I’ve done to you but you couldn’t forgive
So I’ve decided to leave you.

I’ve heard people saying that without me
You are falling apart but they don’t know
How that felt inside my heart maybe
Without saying goodbye I was just a coward.

I didn’t leave you by choice but you left
Me no choice so I’ve locked my doors and
Thrown away the keys while I still had a chance.
Maybe sometimes you read our conversations
But I don’t because sometimes it hurts and I
Had to think more about my feelings.

I’m so sorry but I had to leave and know
That you were the best chapter in my
Story but all good things had to come to
An end, so this is the end.