The day I fell for you
I never knew I was going to be in a competition.
I thought I would love you freely
Without you telling me that I ruin your life,
I owe you.

I’m sorry,
For not being not good
For not being tough,
In bed rough,

I’m sorry
For being simple, loving, and cheap.
For not having a richer family.
For not having a car.
For downgrading your level.
Sorry for being me,
Nothing compared to your ex.
Sorry that I break apart when
You talk about how good he was,
That I get annoyed and feel useless
Every time you bring his name to our conversations.

It’s my fault,
I know that,
I got it.
Please don’t keep reminding me of it.
I’ve had enough already.
And I’m ready,
To let you go,
Send you back to his arms.
I hope he opens them
Wide like he used to,
You broke him remember?
Chose poorer over richer.
I hope his family loves you again.
Takes you out for dinner every day,
From Monday to Sunday.
Not as I used to do once a month,
Only on my pay day.
Sorry to say this, but this
“Us” is not working for me
And it needs to end.
I’m sorry but I’m letting go of your hand,
And I ain’t running after it again.
As it has caused too much pain.

I’m sorry.