Being jealous of you
Makes me crazy about you
I have tried to get over you
But my heart still needs you
I gave you my heart
Hoping that you will look after it
But all you did was to hurt
My feelings of loving you
I cry every now and then
With the hope that you will fix it
I have sleepless nights
Because of dreaming about you
Holding me tight
I ask myself where did we go wrong?
I’m pretty when I cry
Because I’m crying for you
Do my tears mean nothing to you?
Don’t you feel anything about this?
Do you even care about me?
Why do you always make me cry?
Do these tears make you smile?
I think I gotta go slow for a while
And clear my mind in miles
And leave you alone maybe you are wise
And its better because I know where I stand with you
In the memories we had I will remember few
And I will try not to think of you
So that my heart is going to rest in a peaceful land
And listen to soul music from a band
That’s gonna make me cry out sadly
Because of the way you led my love,
Every time I look myself in the mirror
And ask my inner self, am I supposed to cry
Or smile?
Well the answer is that I’m pretty when I cry