When I look in the mirror
I don’t see anything horrid or funny
All I see is a person
Who wants to be accepted
So I always wonder to myself
What is it about me that disgusts them
Every time I walk past them
They whisper then they chuckle
But really…

Does it matter that I have muscles
Or whether I look fat or thin?
Why do you find fault
In the tone of my skin?

You only like me when I’m
Not in a desperate situation?
Rejecting me with insults and degradation
Castigating me for my imperfections
Tasking me with insane expectations

Come on!
Embrace me as I am
Not who you want me to be
I don’t want to be transformed
Into your fantasy
I don’t want to be your dream
I want to be reality
There’s nothing more precious to me
Than my own originality
I want to be different
From this uniform society
I don’t want to be
Another photostatic copy
I’m content with who I am
Beauty standards aren’t my necessity
It’s what’s inside my heart that matters
Not my wallet or trendy clothes
Don’t judge me by my cover
Judge me by my soul