Dear younger self
I just want to warn you
About the future
You’re gonna go through a whole lotta shit
When you’re older
You’ll finally understand why your parents
Looked so miserable behind those smiles
You’ll be in a lot of brawls
You’ll find consolation in watching your favourite animé series
As soon as you get that matric certificate you were vying for
You’re gonna look for a job
Only to come home empty handed
Days will pass with no luck whatsoever
Spend nights without even a crumb to digest
All you’ll have to swallow is your pride
You’ll hide your tears,
Not wanting to show your moments of weakness

All that time you spent as a young seed building dreams
Not taking anything for granted
Those dreams will slowly crumble and tumble down
Ready to be eroded by the rain soaking the roads of life
Roads that would twist and turn around like thorns and cut your throat

Your friends will be out there
Enjoying life in fascination
Your life will feel stagnant
A thousands beady eyes will stare at you
As you go borrow sugar from your neighbor
You’ll wonder why and eventually figure it out
Hushed whispers and sniggers will surround your ears
You’ll feel like you’re in a shroud of darkness and shame
Being on the edge of being shunned by your own blood
Simply because you’re unemployed
That everyday feeling of being a burden to someone
You’ll contemplate
How to terminate
Your life story and awaken in the underworld
To embrace your ancestors
To burn your book and finally end your misery
To just let go of the edge of the cliff
And fall…

So here’s a little advice from me to you…

Remember that kasi saying: pressa, phusha, phanda
Be nicer to people even if they act like jerks
Be streetwise
Don’t shoot yourself down
Defy the odds
Don’t doubt yourself
You have immense power

Most of all
Follow Naruto’s advice and have fun!
Trust me, you’ll be just fine
After all, life is just a game