I’m tired of checking when last you were seen
I’m tired of waiting and hoping you will call
I want to text you at times,
my heart says do it, but my mind says don’t
I just wished you were still mine,
wished we had never parted ways

When I said, “it’s done”, I was ready to let go
But damn, I still seem to care,
even though I don’t want to admit it.
I hate that you have forgotten about me
It makes me think that you and I
did something bad to each other.
From strangers to friends,
from friends to lovers,
from lovers to familiar strangers
One trying to mend a broken heart
and another willing to leave.
I’m moving on

Tired of asking myself if it was ever true
Tired of wondering if I ever crossed your mind,
even for a second
Tired of having hope that you will call
Tired of thinking that someday you might text
Just to let me know that you miss me and you still care
Tired of asking myself who you’re with, what you’re doing

I’m moving on!
Just for my heart to stop being hurt
by the expectations my mind keeps on having,
I guess I’ve got to quit the hobby I’ve just gotten used to
I’m moving on!