I did not know what you mean to me,
Until you did something that made me miss you.
Now, I know what your real worth is,
What you really are,
I remember our first day, so strange
Our first night over the phone
I am missing you very much,
I really mean a lot,

At times I think of becoming an athlete
So that you can be my race and I can win you over.
Thought of becoming a musician
So that the sweet melody from my singing
Brings you back to me
You are in my every thought.

You are like automatic remote control of my mind.
You appear in my dreams yet I chose to let it flow

How wonderful you are
To be the one who beats outside my aorta
I was wondering if I could sleep over.
And invite you into my dreams.
Live happily ever.

When I think of you I become speechless
But I have so much for you in heart.
Please take my hand and drive with me.
The invitation to explore my feelings.
Are you coming over to take it?

I miss you