I’m living in a world where raping
A three-year-old is just a normality
That world where love is just
Another four letter word for lust

I just live in a world where
Only the “light skinned it girls”
Are considered queens
Where the success of a woman
Only lies in marrying a rich man

In this cruel world that I’m from
The child is forced to take on both roles
As both mother and father are drunk
And too wasted to even identify themselves

You know here going clubbing every day
Is seen as living the high life
And getting a degree is just showing off
My brothers and sisters got their degrees
But no one is there to employ them
Because everyone wants to hire the experienced

Every day I pray for a world
With less pain, hatred, and discouragement
But more motivation, love, and laughter

That world where women
Are not considered to be rocks but humans,
Making them less vulnerable
To the pain and torture
That comes with the phrase:
“You strike a woman, you strike a rock”

I want a world where men can cry
Without being considered weak

I pray for that world where dreams come true