In the eyes of the law, I’m innocent
I did not desecrate her body
With multiple cuts and bruises
I was not the cause for her tears falling
I did not stain the tiled floor with her crimson blood
I did not spear her heart with words from a sharp tongue
My fists were not thrust into her face
I was not responsible
For her countless trips to the hospital
My hands did not asphyxiate her
I did not land someone’s daughter in the grave
In the eyes of the law, I’m not guilty…

But deep down, I know I’m guilty
I turned a blind eye
Every time I heard her soft cries
I could’ve been her knight in shining armour
Instead, I let her face a monster alone
A beast that deprived her of her voice
I was there, I was a bystander
Like a spectator, I stood in the sidelines
She suffocated and suffered in silence
In the eyes of the law, I’m innocent
I had no hand in her death
But deep in my heart
I know without a doubt
I’m just as guilty as her murderer