I’m just a prop
a human a-pose
at the Breytenbach Sentrum
out Wellington way

(a prop you know
the non-rugby type
a pose you know
of the non-political sort)

The tuin van digters
The garden of poets
wordsmiths and writers
in a weekend of words

(an expensive one at that
Out-pricing the locals
who seem to be performing
their ritual Saturday chores)

I’m just a prop
a woman jests
she taking a stance
over a work of art

(a dear young friend
and I traipse around
perusing the paintings
she on the community radio beat)

We get to see Diana Ferrus
and the Centre’s upcoming poets
giving us a taste

as does drama group Kaleidoskoop
crate-boxed in by the perpetual
stereotype of the shade of your colour

and one-person-Woelag
whose irreverence somehow
reminds me of the 1980’s ECC
and today’s Fokofpolisiekar

I’m just a prop
(I now have the badge!)
ending with a comradely lift home

A train journey well-made, out yonder Wellington way, Saturday 19 September 2015.