My heart beats for you I don’t know if it’s normal You’re all my mind has You’ve made yourself a permanent resident in my mind I love you

I remember our chats You called me by cute pet names I remember being furious when you said that ‘I was cute’ But now I’m blushing Because I love you

Your eyes take me to places I can’t afford They hypnotise me I never decided to make you my all but you did That moment you stared and smiled at me Darling, I love you

You were a crush at first And I never cared if you loved me back or not But now I do, my love, because I know that you indeed love me Say those three words to me now! For I love you

I long for your touch I can only wonder how it feels to kiss those lips of yours I wonder what you’d say if I bit them I want to have you in my life forever I’m in love