Self-love and empowerment
I’m not perfect,
I know I’ll never be.
I still strive for perfection,
Something I’ll never have.

Society wants perfection,
Even when it says it doesn’t.
Just look at ads,
Even vegetables have to look good
For stores to sell them.

How can anyone or anything ever be good enough
When held up against something unachievable?
Something not even the seemingly perfect people have or are,
Something we all know is impossible,
But we have heard that everything is possible,
So some of us never give up,
It will never make us happy
And it will never happen.

The only way is to accept imperfections,
Accept not being perfect,
Accept being you,
Accept being different
And accept life as it is.

I’m not saying give up on your dreams,
I’m saying don’t make yourself something you’re not,
This ideal that you have in your head that is unattainable,
This person that’s so perfect that moving towards it
Becomes an obsession and addiction towards unhappiness,
Low self-esteem, depression and never feeling good enough
No matter what you do or how hard you try.

I know it’s cliche, but love yourself!