The smile I’m giving today
Is the sorrow of tomorrow
The love you enjoy today
Is the wish to somebody
Out there that they could borrow
See me smiling and enjoy every moment
But the secret is that I’m dying inside
Hurting me this much is digging my grave

I used to provide each and every cent
I had because they used to say I’m brave
While I know very well that I’m a slave
But because leaders don’t complain
I won’t show off all the pain
Because being a failure isn’t allowed on my side

I gave love to the wrong ones
Because I thought they were feeling the same
But nowadays those ones are the ones
Who kill me even more, I’m such a shame
I have been fighting the life all these years

Because I wanted to provide the best
And I wanted to give you the life you wished for,
I wanted to secure your life and make it better than before,
But today all those things are killing me,
I’m no longer that good guy I used to be,

But because the virus took it course
But I wish one day you could see
That I was trying to build the better future with you,
But your actions lately are putting me in the grave
They are the ones who are burying me alive
I wish I could turn back the clock
And live my old safety life
And walk the talk

But today I’m dying slowly
And I still ask the question why me?
Why should I suffer from this pain
Why should I carry on holding this shame
My life is over
I haven’t
Fulfilled my
So far
But my life has come to an end
I have been dying slowly in silence
I’m dying slowly