I am muddled, I am disappointed too in me
I thought I knew I was doing the ethical thing
I thought I was just having fun but I was inconsiderate
I thought only for myself

I am sorry to have disappointed you
I wanted to be a normal child
I wanted to be just like other kids but
I didn’t know I was contentment to you
I am sorry I had disappointed you.

I thought I knew but I was erroneous
I thought I was doing the right thing but no
I couldn’t listen to you

I was obdurate look now where my stubbornness had put me
Look now I have disappointed, I am remorseful about what I did
But I can’t turn back any more it’s done it’s done
I am no longer her pride, I am sorry, ma.

I should have listened to you
I should have shown forbearance enough
You knew every detail I didn’t pay attention
You knew my what if’s someday would become a reality
A reality that I am trapped in today but not for long.

I miss how we used to be
I miss everything I thought I knew
I thought I was having fun the way I wanted to
And forgot that you have been in this world for so long,
That you know what seems to be right until it’s in front of your face.

I forgot that you know every what if
My apology won’t do any good now,
I just have to repent, I am gone world, I am leaving you
I can’t lose myself because of you
I can’t lose my loved ones because of you
I am gone, my time hasn’t arrived yet
I am gone until we meet again
If we will meet again

Yours sincerely,
What if’s