I rise and then I fall.
I win and then I fail.
I’m not that much
special and you can’t
dig deeper and deeper
to find me, because I’m
not more special just like
a crystal.

I’m just a human just like
everyone else where else
you don’t have to judge me
because I have my own errors.
You don’t have to compare me
with somebody else because
even a super hero do make mistakes.

I’m just a human like you and I may
be worse than you but just for now
me and you can be friends.

I’ve fallen down many times but I r
egret nothing because I’m the same
as other human beings and I’m better
than no one else.

It’s okay if you judge me but know
that I’m here not to judge you because
I respect you.

It’s okay if you are trying to fight me but
I won’t fight you because I’m here to
make peace with you. It’s okay if you
hate me but know that I will never hate
you because I like to be around you.