Someone told me I’m a weird
Person. Someone told me my
Gap-tooth is a signature
signing away my rights to

Someone told me that I should
Wake up every morning and spend
Five minutes reminding myself
That I don’t deserve a girl’s
Love,cthat the only marriage
I’ll ever have is with my shadow,
But even it will disappear when
Days are dark.

Someone told me that I should take
The love of the only girl who’s ever
Loved me and give it back to her ex.

But I woke up this morning and told
Myself that I’m a great person I woke
Up this morning and told myself I have
A life to live. I woke up this morning
And told myself that there are people
Who live in shacks, bound to unhappiness
I reminded myself that I’m the teabag
You keep putting into boiling water,
but I never run out of flavor.

Instead I run up to my enemies and tell
Them they did me a favour. In fact, I
Remind myself that I don’t have enemies;
just those who love me and those who don’t
Love me. I remind myself that heartbreak
Is like falling on dry yeast;
you rise from it.

But in that moment a voice kicked down my door
and asked me why I even write poetry.
It gave me a pen and a piece of paper
and told me suicide was my only option.
But just when things became dark,
a light skinned girl came in and smiled
At me.

She undressed her scars before me.
She sat next to me and told me my
Love was her bandage. In the rain
She sat next to me and we discussed
Marrying our hearts, but her baggage
Weighed us down, rained down on us
until we took out umbrellas and
Decided to just be friends.

Someone told me I’m a weird person
But what’s really weird is that I’m
A person who keeps living I’m a person
Who keeps living no matter how many
Times you try to kill me. I’m a person
Who keeps telling you I love you
No matter how many times you deny
That you also feel me.

I’m a person who keeps smiling even when
The pain has stabbed a huge hole in my heart
So, yes, I really am a weird person.