Headache begins like an ocean of sorrow, that you keep drowning in.
I don’t know if I should reach for my cell phone, or wait for your call.
I think it’s a waiting game for us.
The thing that keep us glued is our bond.

You make me live, when I want to commit suicide.
When I want to cry, you make me laugh.
When I frown, you make me smile.
Your eyes are the witness to the love I have for you.

You are my future.
You believe in me when no one else does.
I am afraid people will notice,

And spread rumours saying, “I need you more than words.”
Time flies, when I’m with you.

You’ve turned my life around.
When you call me, I blush.
When you drop the phone, I smile alone.
Because of you, my face starts to glow.

I love you more than what you can receive.
I dream of you day and night.
You cannot apprehend the way I miss you.
I wish my life could remain this way.
The present feels like the past.

I don’t want it any other way.
You love me like a new born;
You shower me with kindness;
You protect me like an egg;
You shelter me like a refugee.
If only you could believe!