If there’ll be cries,
I will be your shoulder of comfort.
In your tears I’ll help you swim.

I might need you to sing
A song of comfort for me
In days when my heart drowns in pain.

All I can tell is how I feel now
I know you are old enough to know,
That love is a puzzle to every heart.
So, promises, I can’t make
I’d just follow where it leads
And I hope you’d do the same.

As long as it’s my heart alongside yours,
It would be enough to carry us through
And no dime can afford to buy.

Perfection is a fantasy to every soul
And mine is no exception
So, understand if it might bear any offence.

If there’ll be cries,
I’ll still be the one you fell for
The one you believed his words.

Life is never a soft rock
And so is love.
One moment it is joy you are filled with
The next, it’s all tears and pains
I just hope this love prevails.