I should have listened, maybe I would not be in this situation
They kept telling me that I must listen to them before it’s too late
But I never listen and now I am all by my self
I thought they didn’t love me at all
They seemed hard to me but the truth is they were trying to protect me
Friend that was putting pressure on me is nowhere to be found
They were not real friends
They say when days are dark friends are few and I agree
If only I had knew
They left me with a burden I can’t even carry
As it is too heavy for me
I lost everything I thought was important to me
I lost the people that loved me mostly
If I knew things would turn out like this, I would have done things differently
But it’s too late now, I will face the consequences
The consequences of losing everything I had
If I had listened to my Ego and not my Id today I would be a better person
My superego kept telling me that I would face the consequences