If only I knew, I would have held you tight.
I would not have let you go.
I would have told you how much I loved you
Kissed you and cuddled you,
If only I knew.

I hate that accident that took you away, my love.
I blame the world for the fact that you are gone.
I blame myself for not being there.
How I wish I was the one was driving.
Maybe I would have been more careful.
You could have been alive.

If only I knew that your days were numbered,
I would have prayed and asked God to let you live,
Because you were going to be a great mom to our kids.
If only I knew, I was going to be with you at your last hour.
Your death shocked me, my love,
But I still pray that God keeps you safe.

If only I knew “Till death do us part” is so painful.
My heart is broken into pieces
Because I planned so much for our future,
But you still left me.

If only I knew that my soulmate was going to die,
I wouldn’t have fallen in love in the first place,
Because my mom told me how cruel love can be,
My dad died when I was young too.

If only I knew, I was going to be this lonely without you.
I would have asked my mom not to give birth to me.
My life is incomplete without you.
I cannot move on.
I refuse to forget about you.
If only I knew, I would have been with you in that car
So I could die too.