If only the oceans could turn to lands.
The blue whales would be the rulers par excellence.
If only the lands could turn to oceans,
The divers would be the kings of all humans.

If only the poorest could become the richest,
The Lagos beggars would surely find their way into Forbes.
The impoverished ones of Somalia would lead the world,
And the Ghetto would become the best of abodes.

If only the richest could become the poorest,
Bill Gates would be my cleaner and Dangote my gardener,
Carlos Slim and Otedola my drivers.
And Xanadu shall surely have a new owner.

If only the world could become tougher,
Like the Pacific when it is calmer
Then seas of heads will bow lower
To the ruling new world order.

If only the goods could turn to bad,
Believers would be very good in doing bad
If only the bads could turn to good,
Then Satan would become saintly bad.

If only I could wake up from this real unreal dream,
A dream from an open eye with a closed mind.
The dreams that are only for the wisest fools.
For a good dream needs a closed eye and an open mind