Dread of love

In my entire life;
My heart was hidden in a cave.
I hid it from the predators that I knew were harmful;
So that I couldn’t get hurt.
Predators that couldn’t comprehend what love meant.
For love was an intoxication for my heart;
And it was a concussion to my brain.
It felt like it weakened my heart’s surfaces;
And wrinkled its edges.
A cave that was rather metallic and couldn’t be broken;
And for my heart not to get stolen.

In my entire life;
My heart was held in the dark.
Where I fought hard;
That could not be seen,
Or rather viewed like a scene.
For I didn’t want to be blinded by love.
Perhaps even to the peak to disobey my tribal lore.
And tomorrow I repent the decision of today.

In my entire life;
My heart was kept in a cage.
I protected it from the unknown exposure.
And I lived in my imaginary world that was composed.
For I didn’t want my reputation to be discredited.
Unlikely I couldn’t get my future to be predicted.
I saw some suffer from love.
I heard them complain about love.
I saw them living in misery because of love.
I heard them tell of the procrastination they did because of love.

I needed not to be afflicted with love.
Thus, I ran a milestone in my entire life.
For I believed real love didn’t exist;
For I thought everyone just wanted to be the part of me to exit.
Without any intention;
But with a mere cohabitation.

Judge me if you want;
But what I know is in my entire life,
Love was my dread.

In my entire life.