I’d love to be in your arms
I’d love you, to be my first lust
I’d love to be a part of you,
Even if, it’s just for a while

I’d love to be apart
Of everything you do
I’d love to hold your hand
I’d love to be with you

I’d love to hear that sweet voice,
Every morning and every night
I’d love you to make me breakfast

I’d love you to massage my aching back and feet
I’d love you to pour me a cup of tea
I’d love you to sleep next to me

I’d love you to be my husband/wife
I’d love you to support me
Either with my dreams or my games
I’d love you to walk with me

There are many things I’d love for you to do
There’re many things I’d like to do with you
But for now, I’d like to be you
And to be a part of you