I wonder! Why me?
(Self pity, a very dangerous place to be)
Life is so cruel and I always get to see
And feel the cruelty
That the world has to offer people like me.
People who are sad and alone like me.

Do I get to feel this cruelty because
It is meant for me?
Why did I have to be someone
People see as worthless, good for nothing, freak?

Who loves me? Is there anyone who would
Like to be my friend?
They say you can choose your friends,
But I always end up with people
I would rather not befriend.
Am I really that bad?

Is it wrong for me to be feeling this way?
What am I doing so wrong that people find me not normal?
If he doesn’t love me, why did he approach me?
How come he gets to call me?
Does it mean he thinks about me?
Do I always have to wonder?

When will someone tell me they love me?
It’s not fair.
I am going to die alone.
I am so angry.
What caused this anger?
Who made me this angry?

I keep shutting out those who try to show me love
And bringing close those who hurt me.
I have been hurt so many times,
I sometimes expect to get hurt.

Why me? When will I get a chance at happiness?
What have I done to cause people to lie to me
And deceive me so bad it hurts?
I never achieve or fulfil my dreams.

What makes me different from other people?
Why is it that I’m crying so loud,
But no one seems to hear or notice
Tears coming out my eyes?

Is there a lesson I’m supposed to be learning
From all this pain and suffering?
I never hurt anyone on purpose, but they do me?
Is it because of the love I have and give to people?
SELF PITY – a very dangerous place to be,
Very bad and deadly.