Who was leaving

I had a dream
It began to be nice
And even better
Until suddenly it was bad
A bad dream
The worst of them all

I woke up
I questioned myself
I tried to remember everything
But I couldn’t
I don’t remember one
Just one
Important thing

Who was is it?

The whole day
I kept asking myself
Who was it?
I am still asking myself
One important fact
I could lose my life
All my dreams would be shattered
Who was it?

Tears coming down non-stop
I just want to remember
But I can’t I want to know who it was?
I remember all but not a thing
A clue
That could help me with one question

Yes it may happen I lost everything
That something inside me could have died
Someone inside me is gone
But who
The good one?
The bad one?
I don’t know
I want to find out