Walls could be visible not, on my way
As I’m stepping the ground to meet a lady
I couldn’t expect such, but ordinary
Rhythmically my lens began to dance from that distance
Tremendously my sight lightened by gleams.

The lady from that distance in a sense
To meet a guy with her friend
I was a guest from the meet
Our distance turned to glows as my eyes could see her
On a white T-shirt to that far

She was stunning, beautiful, so amazing and innocent.
My lens tipped her vision such that I gained that interest
When they told of beauty
Its where I realized about her

I came across with a wonder
With traffics around but my eyes were in a day-dream
Wondering what a future holds
A beat to the heart, to explore her dimples

As we meet, she hugged her friend
Recently she holds my hand as also she hugged me
The touch from my heart that connects to hers
She is so adorable, perfect and so attractive

My little throat grasped that little moisture from my mouth.
As I heard the tone that tipped my audition
Her rhythmical sweet voice fell in a beat
Such that to fit in
And I glanced to her reactions that also fell in a beat
So I could enjoy listening too.

Her friend by me spelled her name
As she introduced the lady from my expression
“Wow Tonny, nice to meet you”
My eyes were in a rhythm of sense.

Dimensionality, I quickly visualized as my eyes blinks
I saw myself with her, driving together
Like she was my bride
Day-dreams partake my vision.

This lady turned on an everlasting fullness in my soul,
I wondered she’s the one
I would love to be with her one day
But fate will decide!