No no no don’t come for me… my pants are not too tight
My skin is not revealed
As the light began to intensify so did the misery
Maybe being born for the skirt was and is still a curse
I watched as they spilt enough blood to feed their empty egos
I listened as they shot every little girl in the room
Whose heart was still glittering with innocence
Our souls are dressed in black,
The cops are outside but we are not showing a glimpse of happiness
For a moment our words became flaccid
We have dug a hole for black man history because of such a disgrace
Our forefathers will forever have a hue of sadness
You can’t change a murderer or a rapist
Because they don’t see an issue with their actions
For I wait to see them burn in the fire they’ve created,
Drown in the blood they’ve spilt
There is no longer good in the hood
I took the same gun and shot them, guess what we all bleed the same colour
I’m no preacher, I’m just a girl born unto this world
Our only sin was being girls…but despite the manifesto I will not be next!
Say no to xenophobia