I have this love I can’t even explain to you
But because of the circumstances
I have to really let you go.
When I said I love you I really meant that
But if loving you is holding a leaf,
then I have no other choice but to set you free.

Inside my heart and mind,
there’s a huge battle,
the mind asks why I can’t hold on to you no more
but the heart has an answer because it was deeply hurt by you.

I will never stop loving you
but when I rewind back, I just have to
because of the person you were to me,
I never knew that you would change.

My heart has been broken many times before by you,
so as my mind has been confused by you
but this time this is my goodbye to you
and whoever has you now must take care of you,
give you more than I had for you.

I will never stop loving you
but I have to take the courage to close my heart
to close the chapter when it was me and you.