Sometimes it all comes rushing back
The memories…
Every time I look at your beautiful face,
All I see is the monster that molested me
I try…
I try to forget all about the pain
I try to see the beauty in you
I wish you were born under different circumstances
I wish you were conceived by the act of love
Instead you were forced in me

I can still feel the pain, the anguish,
The humiliation and anger
I wish I could forget all about it
You are a rapist’s child
I had a choice
Instead of killing you inside my womb
When you were just a tiny fetus…
I chose you
I chose to keep you because I loved you
I loved you and I still do
I chose to love you when the whole community looked down on me
When society wouldn’t let their children play with you
And now here you are

My beautiful baby girl is all grown up
You have grown to be an ambitious strong woman
I knew you weren’t a mistake…you are my greatest gift
All I want to say is…
I was raped…and so you were born