I remember those days when love
was a valuable gift that lasted forever.
Those days when breaking someone’s heart
was not done on purpose.
Those days when a man would propose to a woman
until her face was glowing bright and full of tears,
not because he was hurting her
but because his words
put warmth in her heart and peace in her soul.

Those days when there was no reason to love.
Those days when a person did not love you for what you have.
Those days when love didn’t bring pain and sorrows.

But the tables have been turned now,
you need reasons to love someone.
True love is rare,
once you get into someone’s pants …
that’s today’s love.
Things are not going according to plan.
Hearts get broken, souls get smashed.

A person can look you in the eye and lie to you
and the most painful thing is that you will believe them.

I was played
I was made to believe
that heartbreak is expected in love,
even if that’s not what I wanted.
My heart was left full of scars,
scars that took days, weeks, months, years to heal.
My soul was left tired and hopeless.
Love should be the healer of every wound.
Love should be a part of our lives,
not used to kill people’s souls.
Nowadays they use it to get what they want,
but then it’s okay
Just like people, things change …