Trying so hard to make things right
The more I try the more I get into a fight
Either with the inner me or with the world
Guess what? A fight is a fight
Sometimes I tell myself to be mean to the world
And seeing the world the way it sees me
In the end, I am the one who gets hurt
They say the world is a better place to live in
But I see myself not fitting in
The more I try to squeeze myself in
The more I am being pushed away
But now guess what? I am done with the world
I am done pleasing anyone
Focusing on pleasing me is a priority
It is me that needs me more
It is high time I make the outcast in me happy
I am responsible for the happy ending of me
Guess what? A fight is a fight
I am going to fight the world
I am going to fight the haters
I will let them know that I was born a fighter