I used to reject myself because of my peers, those who always body-shamed me because I was never fit. I was even never recognised in class because of my thin body, even my little brothers just never gave me respect as if I was just a piece of paper.

Even today I am shocked by the impact of my thin body. If I had a chance I wished to rather eat too much just to gain a few kilos. I know this is how God created me but sometimes I wished to depart this life.

When I was young I had no idea of what low self-esteem was, but being older I now know. I am reminded of how useless I was and still am. I know I shouldn’t let this knock me down and there are others who are in a similar situation as me and they are so brave.

I so wished to gain weight naturally. Every time I wore a short-sleeved t-shirt or shirt, I felt like the whole world was watching me and laughing at me. But I told myself, ‘This is how I am, this is how God wanted me to be and this is beautiful.’

I began to wear short-sleeved t-shirts and became proud of my marvellous body.

That’s when I began to realise how many people loved my body and worked out for years just to be like me. It was just that they saw how quiet I was and were so afraid to talk to me, but now everyone is busy telling me how sexy I am. Damn, I love my body!

If you’re in a similar situation, relax and be proud of how you look because you’re amazing just the way you are!


Tell us: Are you happy with the way you look? If not, what do you not like about yourself?